playlist: summer no. 1

PLAYLIST: SUMMER NO. 1 Summer playlist in-the-works featuring Anderson .Paak, Ravyn Lenae and other funky, more up-and-coming artists. I’m going for a collection of some more mellow, feel-good songs that: -don’t evoke much emotion, -I can sing in the car, -work well in sunny, summery conditions -& have rich lyrics (more poetic; the kind that are sort of distracting). […]

on writing – column 2

ON WRITING – COLUMN 2: “MURDER YOUR DARLINGS.” Col. 2: It’s figuratively and literally etched on my being. “Murder your darlings.” I spent my senior year spring break in Costa Rica. It was during that trip that I came across the feisty phrase and, during that same trip, I had it tattooed across the arch […]

profile: pro piercer – shane ocell

PROFILE: PROFESSIONAL BODY PIERCER SHANE OCELL – a man who professionally puts needles through nipples, navels, nostrils, etc. The scent of antiseptic fanned past my nose as I walked in. A bald man, brawny and easy on the eyes, stood behind an L-shaped glass case of jewelry. The sleeves of his shirt rolled up above his elbows and […]

concert review: hippie sabotage

HIPPIE SABOTAGE CONCERT VALLEY BAR, PHX SEPT. 16, 2015 On a Wednesday night I went to an underground concert in downtown Phoenix. But it was literally underground. My friend and I swayed down the sidewalk in the eerily mellow part of DTPHX – a concrete oasis, largely corporate, narrowly entertaining. The address of the place […]

on writing – a column

ON WRITING, A COLUMN. INTRODUCTION This column was inspired by my summer spent in Washington, D.C. where I reported for a news service hosted by my journalism school. I worked up to 12-hour shifts under the shrewd hand of Steve Crane – my editor. Crane is an intense, brilliant man with a short fuse. He is […]