The Royals steal a third win vs. the Orioles – one game away from sliding into the World Series

Chalk up at third W for the Royals; one more victory and they’re headed for the World Series.

Last night was a low scoring, semi-boring game of baseball… But nothing’s boring at the K right now. Kauffman Stadium was rocking. Kansas City fans aren’t just cheering for the game in front of them, they’re unleashing every ounce of enthusiasm they’ve stocked up through this entire series. Like any baseball game, a chant broke out every five minutes, but the noise at the K last night was much more than monotonous “ROY-ALS ROY-ALS ROY-ALS.” The sound that vibrated the stadium was impassioned and grateful – a town with some of the most loyal fans and happy people, unwavering in pride for where they live. No city could have responded to such a sporting drought the way KC has.

The Royals are one win away from being slingshotted into the World Series. Snatching the first three wins against the Orioles, KC fans sit back, relax and enjoy a plate full of Oklahoma Joe’s thinking “I could get used to this.”

Goin’ to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come…🎶


Snapchats taken at the game could have these neat sticker things


The opening of the game


Go Royals!


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