profile: pro piercer – shane ocell

PROFILE: PROFESSIONAL BODY PIERCER SHANE OCELL – a man who professionally puts needles through nipples, navels, nostrils, etc. The scent of antiseptic fanned past my nose as I walked in. A bald man, brawny and easy on the eyes, stood behind an L-shaped glass case of jewelry. The sleeves of his shirt rolled up above his elbows and […]

concert review: hippie sabotage

HIPPIE SABOTAGE CONCERT VALLEY BAR, PHX SEPT. 16, 2015 On a Wednesday night I went to an underground concert in downtown Phoenix. But it was literally underground. My friend and I swayed down the sidewalk in the eerily mellow part of DTPHX – a concrete oasis, largely corporate, narrowly entertaining. The address of the place […]

“FREE KITTENS” written on a bright pink poster board… bingo.

I waited for my parents to say, “a pet is a lot of responsibility…” but then I realized I’m in college and they aren’t here to tell me that. The theme of a character wanting a pet and his or her parents being initially disapproving lingers with me; every children’s series had a chapter or […]

Un-cliché answer to cliché question: what’s your, like, dream job

Since my thirteenth birthday, a birthday I remember for a lot of reasons, I’ve known what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer, since about third grade. But on my fourteenth birthday I knew who I wanted to write for. But first there’s some background. […]