Here are some projects I’ve done in the last few years.

crescendo magazine
These magazine pages are the product of a digital design class. Here’s a PDF of the main feature story. I used inDesign to create all of the magazine’s pages, which each feature original layouts and designs for aggregated stories as well as some of my own writing. It’s true format is for the iPad and, when opened with a specific Adobe program (Adobe Experience Mobile Manager), it features interactive elements like clickable links, scroll-for-more bars and embedded video.

Borderlands project for Cronkite News
I designed this five page feature in the same fashion as crescendo magazine – with inDesign, and, when read on an iPad, it contains clickable and scrollable, interactive elements. The project was a class assignment to create a spread for a student story. I was assigned a 1,200-word story with 4 photos. I composed everything design-related – layout, photo arrangement, borders, etc., and no templates were used in any way. Click here for a PDF of the full project.

viviendo en españa
a photo documentary
VSCO cam is a social media application largely used for photo editing, but it also offers users profiles to which they can publish their images. I used a VSCO journal to document my time spent abroad. It’s a collection of images that ranges from my Spanish host-mom’s dog to architecture in Prague.

The Sound Sentinel
I created The Sound Sentential in an editing course, through which I learned basic design skills. This special-edition newspaper was my first go at Adobe inDesign. Here’s a PDF of the full project: The Sound Sentinel.


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